Boney - Doctor Zia ud Din

Khan Gul



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Re: Boney

Dangarr Dr Zia Uddin khan (jaali khan) lagta hai khood Bhi bohatt Barra Dangarr hai


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The man he was praising was living on Moon. Not at least in this world. He made him like a prophet.
That thinking of that old man brought this hell to pakistan Which is called PMLN AND PPP. According to this idiot Dr. (SO Called) If you are honest and
Khandani then you should stay away from Politics and let the Devil rule the country.
What a Piece of Sh**.....


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Re: Boney

Is this your "Intellectual" and "thought provoking" response to the post? very impressive.......
What do you mean by intellectual and thought provoking response on a biography of haji sahib and after narrating haji sahib story the writer just spit out his venom on Imran khan but could not make it clear that on what basis he had such remarks.I had read some columns of the writer but this was probably the worst.