BNP wants to leave the Government: No compromise on Balochistan's rights, says Akhtar Mengal


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Akhtar Mengal is a racist & selfish person. Majority of these Sardars like him are real enemies of Balochistan. They are not concerned about Balochistan development but want to fill their own packets. He always advocates for those missing persons who in the end turn out to be BLA/BRA terrorists. Few of such so called missing persons (terrorists) attacked PC hotel in Gawadar recently


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fck off. like you always try to blackmail but he forget he is imran khan no body can blackmail him


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Only Solution to get rid of this Blackmailing
Make more provinces in Baluchistan 3-6 or City governments
Let’s go power & resources to real Baluch .
These Sardars are real enemy for Baluch n Pakistan.
But for Corrupt Faujis they suit as they get good kick backs from these Sardars like in Sindh from Waderas.


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پیسہ کے لیے لوگ ملک اور قوم دونوں کو بیچ دیں

ایک سال کے بعد فوراََ اخلاق اور حقوق کا جاگنا

ادھر مودی کو جیتا اور چائینا امریکہ جنگ


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Zardari working in the background...

They're playing with fire... Removing Govt now, although the economic strangling of the citizens and no relief whatsoever has made people hopeless, the going of even a weak Govt at this stage will only promote chaos and anarchistic havoc!

Admitted that this Govt is a nil and a round zero, and up to strangling citizens, since they haven't been able to extract a penny from looters and shifted all the load unto innocent citizens who will be "knifed up" to pay for Nawaz/Zardari loot & plunder, but we suckin hell have no choice than to let them remain l

This is the bitter truth, since the thieving gang revolting is the bigger evil!

PTI.... You've earned nothing from the masses due to unprincipled stances aka amnesty/no Amnesty, but we have no other option, which is your lucky lot......! Its kind of a disgrace even...!
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Where were the rights of Balouchistan when Akhtar Mengal was ruling? Quit the govt please no more blackmailing . The people of Balochistan , both Baluch and Pathans are now aware how their rights were sold by the people who were representing them.Look at the big fat bald headed crook Uchakazai. He is only invited to meetings where only food and gup-shup is the main agenda. The Sardars are now trying to get their last pound of flesh from the Balouchis.