Blast from the Past: Najam Sethi Explaining that Bureaucracy was Reporting to Raiwand 10 Days Before

Bilal Hamed

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Is shaqs ko is ke baap nooray ke sath galion me ghaseeta jai tab be kaam qoom ke sath itna bera drama..Go nawaz Go


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I don't know "who are you?" but I want u to understand the difference, IK may or may not have relationship with this woman, it is a personal matter, but what Shareefs have done to Pakistan is nation's rape.... they looted Pakistan,stole people's mandate

RA Sindhoo

I am not a Fan of him any longer. But we must also look things in the right perspectives. This was an interview given by him after he re-started his program, when he finished his term as caretaker CM. He was saying that in his last 10 days as CM the bureaucracy started sending files to Model town for decisions rather than his office, when he was still official CM of the province.

fawad ali

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[MENTION=44543]RA Sindhoo[/MENTION] I appreciate your truthfulness. I am a pti voter but that does nit mean I will start lying in pti's favor. We need to speak the truth. This video was made after the election results and not before.


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The clip was from a program that was actually televised after the elections, dated 5-june-2013. But the thing is Sethi said that so casually at the time, he had no idea that IK is not going to let it go like the other politicians he was accustomed with.