Blast during live tv show in pakistan

this is very old plz refrain frm posting this kind of videos
em guesiing smebody typical indian has posted this again .....hun


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O come on man,
what if somebody posted it. Its just an accident and a natural reaction from them. And why you feel you always need to express your bad ideas and perception about indians. they are human beings as we pakistanis are. I don't think this is the behavior of any normal person.
actually i really feel bad whn smebody post these type of videos again n again ....this video is past now and people frm around the world see such type of video its brings very negative impression we should try always as a PAKISTANI to improve our state image to a more softer and lovely image nt like this ....
my point of view ws that no pakistani would like to see the bad side of pakistan .....
i knw indians are human beings but there plans for my PAKISTAN isnt very good i think wid this u ll agree with me ....
kk take care


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The purpose of posting this video is to show this incident during live show thats all nothing anti pakistan coz its not bbc or fox news channel.


i have visited to this site and read the all comments but i feel about the siasat should be live like the talk shows. site which is giving me the freshness by giving the live watching sourding

activities. so help me in your positive project.


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please stop posting negative videos of Pakistan!
its a requrest!
and if you must , then please keep the caption and title in urdu.