Blasphemy against RasulAllah ('Alaihis-salaatu was-salaam) & the correct shariah perspective


In wake of the current series of crimes committed against RasulAllah ('Alaihis-salaatu was-salaam), it is imperative that we should know the correct Islamic stance on Blasphemy:

The penalty of Blasphemy is death as defined in Sunnah clearly:

1. RasulAllah ('Alaihis-salaatu was-salaam) ordered the execution of Kaab bin Ashraf and abu Rafay as both were guilty of Blasphemy. This special operation was carried out by Ansari Sahaba (Radhiallaho anhum)
2. During the conquest of Makkah everybody was forgiven but there was a black list. The list contained names of people who were to be executed even if they wrap themselves around the cloth of Al-Kaabah. The criminals with names on this list were all guilty of blasphemy.
3. Even during the time when RasulAllah ('Alaihis-salaatu was-salaam)was in this world, seeking permission to execute the person guilty of blasphemy was not required as evident from two separate incidents involving blind Sahaba (Radhiallaho anhum)

When Blasphemy is committed against RasulAllah ('Alaihis-salaatu was-salaam), Muslims don’t rush to build bridges but they strive individually and collectively to strike off the head of the cursed evil doer.

Now the protests in the world on this issue may not be the best options but it should not be out rightly condemned. “The Muslims in the Muslim world came out in a spontaneous reaction because they were angry by what they heard! These simple Muslims have love of the Messenger of Allah (peace andblessings of Allah be upon him) in their hearts -this is their Fitrah. They are not scholars, but they are Muslims who love the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). They naturally came out to the streets to demonstrate”

We must look onto ourselves what have we done to defend the honor of RasulAllah ('Alaihis-salaatu was-salaam) and this means practical steps and not just wishy washy empty words.

To find out the correct stance of shariah on this issue, refer to the link below:

Audio: Al-Awlaki/The+Dust+Will+Never+Settle+Down.mp3

PDF: Dust Will Never Settle Down.pdf
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The women who used to throw garbage on the path of Rasul Allah pbuh was forgiven by him but he also ordered the killings of two girls accused of Blasphemy on the day of opening of Makkah.

He also approved the killings of two women of Madina who used to harm Rasul Allah pbuhwith words. He pbuh made it clear that the punishment of Blasphemy is death and said that the matter is so clear that , "no two goats shall butt heads about it" meaning that even Animals wont doubt the punishment. Now a days SubhanAllah we see Muslims who are unaware of the right way to respond to the Blasphemy against Rasul Allah pbuh

Did the prophet killed that women who threw rubbish on her?