Bipolar Pakistan: Liberal Extremists versus Religious Orthodox


No country in this world is perfect and no nation is without faults for it is humans who live and rule this planet. Every country has its own limitations and strength and same phenomenon is applicable to Pakistan too. Pakistan is one of the most diverse and vibrant countries in the world. Unlike many popular and advanced countries Pakistan is always in the mainstream politics of the world. Moreover, in societal terms, Pakistan has distinct values and proves to be more than animated. Apart from all that there are two opposite types of Pakistanis who keep and follow their own version of truth regarding Islam, Pakistan and social values. This very thing is diversity itself and should be respected and acknowledged.

The issue, truly, is only with conformism. There is one group of people who consciously and sub-consciously believes that it is the only true follower of Islam and a genuine patriot Pakistani and thus is religious orthodox. These people think, to some extent, that they are savior of the mankind for they have got the “power of Islam” and in the near future God will help them annihilate the all infidels in the world.

They tend to be readers of cheap history fiction like Naseem Hijazi’s and always boasting on the glorious past of their fore fathers, they have nothing to do but seek refuge in their past. When sitting in past viewing the contemporary world these “time travelers” conclude that they are being oppressed and the usurper is solely the West. All of their arguments show potential proclivity towards the idealism of Islam and hatred of the non Muslim countries.

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Liberals are a rarity in Pakistan. Most people are religious or political bigots. Intolerance and paranoia are the norms of Pakistani society. finding an open mind in pakistan is akin to finding a needle in a haystack.