Bilatakalluf - 15th June 2012 - Tarek Fatah Questions Memogate Commision Report & Pakistan Ligitimac

Zaidi Qasim

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He is well known to the local community as a prick. As a matter of fact, along with that lesbian Irshad Manji, he has inaugurated a Mosque not too far from Metropolitan which is used by the Homosexual community. It also has a congregation in every pray where male and female pray side by side to each other. One lunatic who is going around spreading the false representation of Muslim culture and values to the Non Muslim communities. He is found to be present in every conflict which has a potential of misrepresentation of our religion to Non Muslims. He has lost the credibility of his own coummunities and he could only be heard by those who are seeking to find any opportunity to malign Muslims around the world and acts as a planted agent of mishevous forces .God saves us from those misguided.
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I know Fateh personally he is leftist all the way from childhood you can disagree with him i do too BUT this other Qadiani has a hidden agenda against Pakistan, moreover you can imagine his IQ who labels himself as GORA...wannabe Gora but a actually he is kala.


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دو حرامی مل کر پاکستان کو کوس رہے ہیں۔
پاکستان کا اللہ نگہبان اور ہڈی کی خاطر اپنی مادرِ وطن پر بھونکنے والوں پر لخ لعنت
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Tahir nam hai to ho sakta hai Qadiani ho,
ab rahi "Goray" wali bat, pata nahin Gora in ghar aya that ya phir inki Walida-e-Majida Goray ke
pas tashreef lay gai theen:lol:


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کتنا کمینہ منحوس شخص ہے ٹوٹل بکواس کررہا ہے اس کو شرم بھی نہیں اتی- ایسے لوگوں کے ساتھ حقانی جیسے لوگ ہی قربت رکھ سکتے ہیں