Best option for Nawaz Sharif to redeem his honour and do good to Pakistan.


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The umpires finger has been raised finally. Nawaz Sharif instead of being stubborn and resisting his exit to the point of being thrown out, should honorably resign before any commission blames him. He should also dissolve the Assembly and invite the Judiciary and Army to take charge and form the government of their choice with the objective to deliver service to the people of Pakistan. He should also announce his support for a Presidential form of govt for the country.

Today, Pakistan needs order, discipline and honest management instead of politics. Local bodies system is enough for Politics. The national affairs of the country should be managed by experts in their fields and not by Qaim Ali Shahs, Khurshid Shahs, Rana Sanullahs and Abid Sher Alis.

This is a golden opportunity in our history to get rid of the failed parliamentary system. Musharaf missed it. Gen Raheel should grab it. A stable and prosperous nation ahead will owe it to him, like Malaysia owes it's progress to Mahatir.


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There is no saving grace for Sharif and family in this issue. If Imran backs out, it will be awful and embarrassing. This is not just about removing Sharif and party from the govt. It is more about creating a precedence for law and order, starting from the top. We need a legitimate and strong precedence in order to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.
So far in the history of Pakistan, whenever we have seen anything done in the name of accountability, it has actually been victimization and revenge in disguise. No ruler has allowed law enforcement authorities to take any corruption case to its logical end.

If Nawaz Sharif resigns, it will give him temporary respite from the constant ridicule, and may put a stop to the expanding list of leaks against him, but whatever has already been leaked is more than enough to put him and Ishaq Dar behind bars. So legally speaking, there is no respite for him.
But PPP will put all its weight behind Sharif in order to keep him from going to jail, because they know that if Sharif goes, then surely half of PPP will follow.


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very nice, 100% correct, Pakistan should get rid of this failed parliamentary system as soon as possible, Nawaz and the corrupts should be brought to jail, no wonder Pakistan is going to wrong direction, when the runner of this country is a chor and corrupt then we should not wonder, why on the lower level people are corrupt
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