be 1sm A1law! The Benef(*cent The Merc(*ful!

Dear Musl(*ms a1Salaam alekum!
i joined up this group so i can share my mind and experiences of life as a citizen of this beautiful country which is named Holy(pak) Land(istan)!

i don't have much to say and whatever i have to say i will say here and it is a vital that we all understand it well.

Israel is not name of a country but rather the title of a great Prophet of Islam, Yaqub(alehim al Salaam). I am of the view that the Prophecy of holy land is for Pakistan and not the so called State of Israel since there is nothing Holy about Racism. I am of a very strong view and belief that Pakistan by all means is a Khilafat, where people from all races colors and casts with their individual cultures and states have united under unified state of Muslims!

It is the need of the hour that we realize that we have a job to do, to lead Ummah just as Allama Iqbal mentioned ke liya jaye ga tujh se kaam duniya ki imaamat ka! And i will tell u what that means. Look at your flag, it has a star and a crescent, what do they represent, Muslims? how? yes thats something we need to understand in light of Quran and modern science. All stars planets(earth moon too) galaxies obey only A1law, the law of right hand!
Remeber when Prophet Ibrahim(alehim al Salaam) challenged Azar to make sun rise from west? yes thats a realisitc scientific proof we have against all Firons of all times, nothing in UNiverser is rotating clockwise on the North pole, this is a set law by the creator, it is the spin of the right hand that leads to sun seeming to rise from East. People say venus is going clockwise, but no, thats not true, venus has flipped where North pole has swithced places witht the South and thus seems to be going clockwise!
There is not a single snail shell, or a seed that splits into life that is not desinged to spiral counterclockwise, not one! KNow what it links us to? Tawaf of Kaba! The very same thing is what Quran mentions about Kaba being a place that has a Guidance for all mankind and not just Muslims, it is our Job to stand up and repeat the Ibrahimic claim of oneness of Creator!
There not a single heart that does not obey the law of right hand(tawafwise rotation) by pumping blood only counterclockwise! A1GOD-A1Lah has A1Law for all! Those who submit to H1S law are known as Muslims, all hurricanes tornadoes typhoons twisters , they all obey the law of right hand! They all obey A1Law, i dont see UNlaw in nature where there is a Veto to the law set by Allah! Even electricity and magnetic pulses follow and operate under the rule of right hand law(Tawaf wise rotation)!
Quran 16:48 Do they not look at Allah's creation, (even) among (inanimate) things,- How their (very) shadows turn round, from the right and the left, prostrating themselves to Allah, and that in the humblest manner?
While west is busy looking for water and alien life they have ignored this fact that Universe is being governed by the rule of right hand only! There is no left hand to assist or maintain the Kingdom of A1GOD! Quran clearly talk of the Judgement day based on the apearance of the right hand of Allah, that the Earth and heavens will be visible to all spinning and rotating at the right hand of Allah.
The word is A1Law! a king is know by his law, and his dominion is defined by the area to which a kings law is in effect! Kingdom of A1lah is all over in and around us, we need to not submit to UNlaw and thus become infidels! Dajjal was to unite all nations under one flag and that flag is the flag of UNlaw!
Pakistan is the Prophecised Holy land, and it is the Islamic Caliphate of end times, and we have some major tasks to perform for the well being of all mankind especially Ummah!

Since 1940's we have entered a new world order where the great seals of Allah in economy being gold and silver were replaced by a new great great seal claimant, the one eyed al-dollar/al-doJJal! it is the beast of Usury with mark $$$ as Prophesised in Bible as well as Islam to be a trial of maal-dollaT and now we know it is dollar!

We need a brave leader who can quit UN and unite Ummah on a new front where none is above the law! we need to revert back to Sunnah economy where currency holds the weight is promises, it is haraam to hoard up gold and silver and it is compulsory to keep gold and silver in rotation as currency where all people rich or poor have access to real cash, paper is not cash it is a legal tender note promising the value it fails to meet!

As is Turkey again working towards becoming the KHilafat, i remind all my Pakistani brothers and sisters, we are the citizens of khilafat and it is our time to serve Ummah, i like to stress on the fact that when a muslims kills another muslim, they both end up in hell according to sayings of the last Prophet, we need to end and force an end to this war between ourselves!

How can we give Nishane Haider to Aziz Bhatti and call him a shaheed and then turn back on our words and beliefs by calling same act to be a suicide? we need to wake up!

we need to extend our defense shield to whomever foloows us out of UN and establish an economic system based on bullion system, the just system! We need to control media, not just ban face book but also bann all sites that are vulgar and indecent!

we need to look in our own video shops at home, where cartoon movies and pictures of Hollywood depict images of many other Prophets of Islam, A muslim believes in all Prophets and respects them all equally, not just one the last or the first! it is hypocrisy if we do not take measures against such media and blasphemous material that we and our children witness in name of entertainment, graven images of all living beings is forbidden not just that of Prophets! We need to purify our currency from images of living beings(idols) thats only if we want to enter the religion of Islam completely!
we must bann use of media by public servants of all levels, if they are gonna be on tv all the time, who's gonna do the job and when while most of their time is spent powdering up for media in make up rooms?

It should be compulsory for all political leaders and public servants in higher positions to perform khutba in Masaajid each Friday, coming face to face with Public! Then alone justice will be served to its best! We need to remember the first lesson we learnt in kinder garden and schools, to make a line, strict policy of adherence to discipline should be applied on streets and roads without any exception or special concessions!

we need to revert to the real white house that alone can grant peace, which is not in DC washington, to say so is shirk, Peace comes from only one white house, the one we have drapped black sadly when the Sunnah is to drape it with white and so is the universal logic of representing peace using white color and not black, we are seeking war from the house of Allah by drapping it black, it is height of ignorance and disrespect, and if i am wrong thenprovide me with a fatwa that allows me to wear black ehram to hajj and umra, or a black shroud for a deceased Muslim as kaffan! The very same logic, that it would be against Sunnah and a misrepresentation of peace also applies to the Ghilaaf of Kaba which was turned black by Egyptian ruler few hundred years back!

Kaba is the Golden ratio point of the earth set by the creator who has marked all creation with this ratio nunber 1,618 where unit and tenth are always 18! Look at aya number 84, 93 and 94 of Sura Maryam where Allah mention the marking of all creation with a unique numbering, notice how all right hands contain the unit and tenth of Golden ratio 18 but in Arabic/Urdu 1/\.
There is not a single right hand that fails to show the 1/\! nor does any right hand show the signs of evolution of 18 by becoming 81 either, same stands with all things in nature.
Jesus (Isa ibne Maryam) had two hands, he could not perform daily tasks without use of left hand assiting his right hand, we fail to see a left hand in nature, Allah is not in need of a helper, lest a son! Trinity concept is a false concept and the rule of right hand law breaks the cross by breaking its left arm and turning a cross into a 1!

i have lots to say, but insha Allah in due time, the first and foremost thing is that we learn the meaning of Pakistan ka matlab kya, La UNlaw illa A1Law! We need to learn from the star and crscent on our flag and understand the meaning of their being on our flag!

The right hand ratio 18 is a religious symbol for all religions, bani Israel mention it to be the chai-life-Torah-18 which was given to Prophet Musa(alehim al Salaam) on his right hand on mount Tur(kohi tur) as a sign and reminder of the creator's existence, but they lost it, we have to remind them, the christians await the Biblical Prophecy of JOB 40:14 " and then I will confess unto you, that your own right hands can save thee", we need to remind them, the budhists, chinese, hindus all regard 18 to be a divine and Holy number, we need to remind them about its significance, that the universe has been created and is being sustained by the right hand of Allah and no other hand is in sight anywhere, thus ending the false assumptions of atheists who say things came into being themselves through evolution, if such was the case, there would be one planet or atleast a heart or a snail shell designed clockwise(anti-twafwise)! And those who say God has taken a son, need to be warned too, if there were more than one GOD the there would be a clockwise rotation, a left hand spin or a ratio in nature to prove their claim!

Bani Israel use the word 'ahirat ha yamin'(qayamat and the right hand), like wise Quran speaks of Qayamat having a sign of aprearance of the right hand of Allah(through his rule of right hand law and its unique ratio), al Quran-39:67 (Asad) And no true understanding of God have they [who worship aught beside Him], inasmuch as the whole of the earth will be as a [mere] handful to Him on Resurrection Day, and the heavens will be rolled up in His right hand: limitless is He in His glory, and sublimely exalted above anything to which they may ascribe a share in His divinity!
it has come true but many dont know yet, and we all have made a pledge/covenant/wa'da to not worship else beside A1lah-A1God, and to obey A1Law is to worship A1GOD-A1Lah! This indeed is the time to renew our pledge. and pledge is made using the right hand always. We were told to read 18th Sura of Quran each friday, Jews make 18 Amidah each saturday, christians make 18 bendictions each sunday, why? it is reminder of the pledge and i am of strong belief it is our JOb, the Mulims, to understand ourselves first and educate ourselves about Golden ratio and its link to all right hands and then warn and inform others too that the evidence has come, there is no diety save A1GOD-A1Lah who has A1Law unchallenged!

19:84 So make no haste against them (O Muhammad). We do but number unto them a sum of numbers!

19:93-94 There is none in the heavens and the earth but cometh unto the Beneficent as a slave. Verily He knoweth them and numbereth them with (unique) numbering!

Sadaq A1lah al Azeem
A1lawhu Akbar
la a law illa A1law!
Muhammad pbuh is indeed the messenger of Allah(and his message is A1law-Quran)!

wa Salaam alekum wa rahmat A1lahi!

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welcome and can u make sure you use better letters to make word for Allah , bismilAllah etc