Battle at Indian Punjab police station, India Alleges Pakistan


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پاکستان نے مذمت کی ہے پتہ نہیں کیوں انڈیا ہر وقت پاکستان پر الزام تراشی کرتا ہے


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It just happened and India was so quick to point fingers at Pakistan. Cricket series is canceled. While we lost over 70000 innocent people to Indian terrorism our Prime Minister is sending them Sarhi and Mangoes. What has happened with the Muslims today? Can we call our leaders ghairatmand people? I guess Pakistani lives do not matter.


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nawaz sharif or GEO hain na har attack ki zimadari qabool kerne ke liay... .abhi 2-4 din teher jao... pehla ilzam, isi pasha zaheer islam per... doosra raheel sharif per... teesra IK per or chotha ilzam pro pakistan logon per....
get ready again....