Balochistan schools receive TTPs threatening letters


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A student shows the threat letters sent by the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan at Girls High School in **** Shekhan, Quetta.

QUETTA: A number of schools, including at least two girls schools, have closed down in Quetta after threatening letters were received by their managements.

Security was also beefed up in parts of the provincial capital and in Mastung.
Some of the letters threatened that if purdah was not observed in schools, then teachers and administrative heads will have to bear the consequences.
Similar letters threatening against wearing western clothes were also sent to schools in Mastung.
The letters warned the school managements with the presence of informants among the students and the staffers and threatened severe consequences in case of non-compliance.
The letters, sent by Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistans Balochistan chapter, created a sense of fear and panic among the students and teachers.
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