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CJ remarked that COAS Kiyani could be ask to appear in the SCP after DG FC violated the orders of SCP.
CJ also mentioned Article 190. CJ please issue Article 190 request to the Army in all the cases in which corrupt PPP government has not complied with SCP orders.



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Mene apni zindagi mein Iftikhar Ch. say zyada bahadur Pakistani nahi dekha.

Qayamat kay din, Inshallah, yeh bohat boland darjay pay faiz hoga.

Allah isko aur himmat day aur iskay imtihan asaan karay.


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Bhai, jo wakeel roz adalaton mein badmashi karte hein police ya judges ke saath, unn ka notice lene ki himat hai app mein, CJ sahib????? Ya wo phir kisi nai tehreek ke intizar mein sumbhal kar rakhe hein!


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Time to call Army Chief - Chief Justice

PT - Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhar expressed anger over a press conference held by Inspector General (IG) Frontier Corps (FC), Obaidullah Khattak in a Balochsitan law and order hearing in the Supreme Court (SC) on Monday, according to a private TV channel.
He said it was not the business of an official serving in the uniform to hold such press conferences.

A three-member bench of the Supreme Court consisting Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhar, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, and Justice Jawad S. Khawaja was hearing the case.

Chief Justice said that bodies of the people who provide evidence against FC turn up and killing of more than 20 people in the past few weeks was alarming.
He further said that it was time to call someone with authority and he would call Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani and ask him how the country would be run. He reiterated that under Article 190 of the Constitution of Pakistan, the court has power to issue such orders.


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Re: Time to call Army Chief - Chief Justice

190. Action in aid of Supreme Court.All executive and judicial authorities through out Pakistan shall act in aid of the Supreme Court.


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Enough is enough.........Extrajudicial murders should be stopped and all missing people should be tried according to the law of the land.
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