Bail or Arrest What will help IMRAN KHAN politically


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Bail or Arrest What will help IMRAN KHAN politically?



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I think Imran Khan should appear in Election Commission and sort this issue out. We can't afford to get him disqualified.
For the time being, Noon or Media will portray is as a backtrack
or coward step but Media dance is going to last only for
a couple of days and otherwise set consequences can set Khan really back.

This is critical time before Election 2018 when many
electibles are going to decide their loyalties, so PTI can't afford such a
setback at this critical time.

v r imran k

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ager arrest ho ga to khan ko politcly ziada faida ho ga non leage walaun mian himat hay tu ker lian arrest election commission koi independent institution nahi hay wo b non leage ka hi aik idara hay kerna hay arrest to karian ager disqualified kerna hay to ker dian phir dekhian tamasha kia hota yay non lleage walay our aaag sy khelnay aj rhay hain