Australia Caught 274 Kg Ephiderine (street value $200 million)


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AUSTRALIAN federal police are hunting a sophisticated criminal syndicate believed responsible for the attempted importation of one of the largest hauls of ephedrine in Australian history.

AFP today confirmed a multi-agency task force — including Customs and the Department of Agriculture — had secured 274 kilograms of ephedrine this week smuggled into the country in a shipment of basmati rice from India.

AFP National Manager Crime Operations Ian McCartney said the public should expect more arrests in the case. He said the haul was a “really great result for law enforcement”. “What we allege is that this is a sophisticated organised crime syndicate,” Mr McCartney.

The ephedrine was found in 3600 bags of rice in a 40 foot shipping container. The consignment was first examined on July 16. On July 24 the AFP transported it to a storage facility in Melbourne, before transporting it in August to Fairfield in western Sydney.

On Monday the AFP executed nine search warrants in Melbourne and Sydney resulting in the seizure of evidence including $225,000 in cash. Four people have been arrested over the shipment including one Australian, two Canadians and an Indian. Shortly after this the suspected chief organiser of the shipment was arrested by Indian authorities in India. Investigations are continuing.

Ephedrine is used to make the drug crystal meth and the latest haul has an estimated street value of $200 million
. The seizure was the third largest in Australian history topped only by an 800kg and 500kg shipment.


Mr McCartney said multiple law enforcement agencies, including overseas partners, had worked together effectively resulting in the haul. “I want to send a clear message that if you are thinking about importing drugs you will be subject to the combined efforts of multiple agencies,” he said.

The haul was first found when the Department of Agriculture was screening the rice for pests and diseases. A staff member noticed some residue on the rice that wasn’t normal and notified law enforcement.


[ Source: The Australian Newspaper ] P.S: A post for Hanif Abbasi, Musa Gillani and Co.
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حنیف عباسی آسٹریلیا چلا گیا ہے کیا ؟؟

BTW, it is not just India. It has been sent from Pakistan as well. Pakistan Government out of turn allowed 9000 kg of Ephiderene to be imported, which is claimed by The News to be worth 7 Billion.

Pakistan has signed international conventions therefore whatever is its need, it intimates the International Drug Control Authority and then gets the quota to import ephedrine, but in the case at hand, neither any intimation was raised nor anyone was forewarned about such an illegal act and ephedrine was imported, twice the amount needed in the country

Back in 2008, small amount of Ephiderine was smuggled from Pakistan to Australia in rice shipment.


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Waise Humary prime minster Sahib ka kafi Business hai India me, Magr kabi pata nhi chala k,paisa ata jata kahan se hai...Waise Desi tu Nikyal aur Bajwat sector se kafi import hui hai,Ephidrine kahan se export hui,ise ka tehqeeqat CMW wala Ali Raza hi lagwa sakta hai
Aiasa ho bhi sakta hay.