Asif Ali Zardari: life and style of Pakistan’s Mr 10 Per Cent

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Asif Ali Zardari: life and style of Pakistan’s Mr 10 Per Cent

By John Bingham

As an investment minister in his wife’s administration in the 1990s, Mr Zardari was accused by political rivals of taking personal commissions on government contracts.Pakistan’s state anti-corruption body claims he has amassed a property empire worth almost £1 billion, with a chateau in France, homes in Britain, Spain and Florida, and bank accounts in Switzerland.He has been accused of playing a role in the murder of his brother-in-law, Mir Murtaza Bhutto. He is also alleged to have arranged for a bomb to be tied to the leg of a businessman and sent him to withdraw money as a pay-off.


He has always denied the allegations, which led to him spending eight years in prison, maintaining they were politically motivated. But they have endured under successive Pakistani administrations and continue to dog him even in the role of president.Born in Karachi in 1955, the son of a wealthy Sindhi tribal leader, he married Mrs Bhutto, the daughter of the first elected prime minister of Pakistan, in 1987. His political ambitions were realised under his wife, who came to power as prime minister the following year.

But when she was deposed in 1990, Mr Zardari soon found himself at the centre of persistent corruption allegations surrounding property deals.His first spell in prison followed shortly afterwards but on his release in 1993, Mrs Bhutto was back in power and immediately appointed him a minister in her government.He returned to prison when his wife again lost power in 1996, this time for eight years, until he was bailed in 2004 while facing charges including corruption and conspiracy to murder. The charges were formally dropped as part of an amnesty brokered by Gen Pervez Musharraf, the former president, in 2007, but they continue to undermine him.

Following Mrs Bhutto’s assassination in December 2007, he was catapulted into the leadership of his wife’s Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), becoming president after a wave of sympathy carried it to power. But Pakistan’s National Accountability Bureau, which led a successful court bid to have the amnesty overturned, has suggested he used the proceeds of corrupt deals on his property portfolio.

He is said to have interests in three properties in London, but it was his ownership of 335-acre Rockwood House in the North Downs in Surrey that came to symbolize his wealth and ambition. He is said to have bought the £4 million mock Tudor pile partly because he had fallen in love with the local pub, the Dog and Pheasant. When the landlord refused to sell him the pub, he is said to have had a replica built in the basement of the house.

The property also boasted polo pitches, a stud farm and a golf course. Faced with claims that he had bought the house with money made illegally, he denied he was even the owner, asking: “How can anyone think of buying a mansion in England when people in Pakistan don’t even have a roof over their heads?”It was only after the house had been sold and the Pakistani authorities tried to seize some of the money that he acknowledged his ownership.

Source Telegraph

List Of President Asif Ali Zardari's Assets..

Here is an Authentic List Of Asif Ali Zardari's Assets According To Govt. Officials..

Plot no. 121, Phase VIII, DHA Karachi.
Agricultural land situated in Deh Dali Wadi, Taluka, Tando Allah Yar.
Agricultural property located in Deh Tahooki Taluka, District Hyderabad measuring 65.15 acres.
Agricultural land falling in Deh 76-Nusrat, Taluka, District Nawabshah measuring 827.14 acres
Agricultural land situated in Deh 76-Nusrat, Taluka, District Nawabshah measuring 293.18 acres
Residential plot No 3 (Now House) Block No B-I, City Survey No 2268 Ward-A Nawabshah
Huma Heights (Asif Apartments) 133, Depot Lines, Commissariat Road, Karachi
Trade Tower Building 3/CL/V Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi
House No 8, St 9, F-8/2, Islamabad

Agricultural land in Deh 42 Dad Taluka/ District Nawabshah
Agricultural land in Deh 51 Dad Taluka Distt Nawabshah
Plot No 3 & 4 Sikni (residential) Near Housing Society Ltd. Nawabshah
CafT Sheraz (C.S No.. 2231/2 & 2231/3) Nawabshah
Agricultural land in Deh 23-Deh Taluka & District Nawabshah
Agricultural property in Deh 72-A, Nusrat Taluka, Nawabshah
Agricultural land in Deh 76-Nusrat Taluka, Nawabshah

Plot No. A/136 Survey No 2346 Ward A Government Employee s Cooperative Housing Society Ltd, Nawabshah
Agricultural land in Deh Jaryoon Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
Agricultural land in Deh Aroro Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
Agricultural land in Deh Nondani Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
Agricultural land in Deh Lotko Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
Agricultural land in Deh Jhol Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
Agricultural land in Deh Kandari Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
Agricultural land in Deh Deghi Taluka Tando Mohammad Khan
Agricultural land in Deh Rahooki Taluka, Hyderabad

Property in Deh Charo Taluka, Badin
Agricultural property in Deh Dali Wadi Taluka, Hyderabad
Five acres prime land allotted by DG KDA in 1995/96
4,000 kanals on Simli Dam
80 acres of land at Hawkes Bay
13 acres of land at Maj Gulradi (KPT Land)
One acre plot, GCI, Clifton
One acre of land, State Life (International Center, Sadar)
FEBCs worth Rs. 4 million


Sakrand Sugar Mills Nawabshah
Ansari Sugar
Mills Hyderabad
Mirza Sugar Mills Badin
Pangrio Sugar Mills Thatta
Bachani Sugar Mills Sanghar


Bomer Fiannce Inc, British Virgin Islands
Mariston Securities Inc, British Virgin Islands
Marleton Business S A, British Virgin Islands
Capricorn Trading S A, British Virgin Islands
Fagarita Consulting INc, British Virgin Islands
Marvil Associated Inc, British Virgin Islands

Pawnbury Finance Ltd, British Virgin Islands
Oxton Trading Limited, British Virgin Islands
Brinslen Invest S A, British Virgin Islands
Chimitex Holding S A, British Virgin Islands
Elkins Holding S A, British Virgin Islands
Minister Invest Ltd, British Virgin Islands
Silvernut Investment Inc, British Virgin Islands
Tacolen Investment Ltd, British Virgin Islands

Marlcrdon Invest S A, British Virgin Islands
Dustan Trading Inc, British Virgin Islands
Reconstruction and Development Finance Inc, British Virgin Islands
Nassam Alexander Inc.
Westminster Securities Inc.
Laptworth Investment Inc 202, Saint Martin Drive, West Jacksonville
Intra Foods Inc. 3376, Lomrel Grove, Jacksonville, Florida
Dynatel Trading Co, Florida
A..S Realty Inc. Palm Beach Gardens Florida
Bon Voyage Travel Consultancy Inc, Florida


355 acre Rockwood Estate, Surrey (Now stands admitted)
Flat 6, 11 Queensgate Terrace, London SW7
26 Palace Mansions, Hammersmith Road, London W14
27 Pont Street, London, SW1

20 Wilton Crescent, London SW1
23 Lord Chancellor Walk, Coombe Hill, Kingston, Surrey
The Mansion, Warren Lane, West Hampstead, London
A flat at Queensgate Terrace, London
Houses at Hammersmith Road, Wilton Crescent, Kingston and in Hampstead.


12-3 Boulevard De-Nieuport, 1000, Brussels, (Building containing 4 shops and 2 large apartments)
Chausee De-Mons, 1670, Brussels


La Manoir De La Reine Blanche and property in Cannes

ZARDARI S PROPERTIES IN USA in the name of Asif Zardari and managed by Shimmy Qureshi are:

Stud farm in Texas
Wellington Club East, West Palm Beach
12165 West Forest Hills, Florida
Escue Farm 13,524 India Mound, West Palm Beach

3,220 Santa Barbara Drive, Wellington Florida
13,254 Polo Club Road, West Palm Beach Florida
3,000 North Ocean Drive, Singer Islands, Florida
525 South Flager Driver, West Palm Beach, Florida
Holiday Inn Houston Owned by Asif Ali Zardari, Iqbal Memon and Sadar-ud-Din Hashwani


Union Bank of Switzerland (Account No. 552.343, 257.556.60Q, 433.142.60V, 216.393.60T)
Citibank Private Limited (SWZ) (Account No. 342034)
Citibank N A Dubai (Account No. 818097)
Barclays Bank (Suisse) (Account No. 62290209)
Barclays Bank (Suisse) (Account No. 62274400)
Banque Centrade Ormard Burrus S A
Banque Pache S A

Banque Pictet & Cie
Banque La Henin, Paris (Account No. 00101953552)
Bank Natinede Paris in Geneva (Account NO.. 563.726.9)
Swiss Bank Corporation
Chase Manhattan Bank Switzerland
American Express Bank Switzerland
Societe De Banque Swissee

Barclays Bank (Knightsbridge Branch) (Account No. 90991473)
Barclays Bank, Kingston and Chelsea Branch, (Sort Code 20-47-34135)
National Westminster Bank, Alwych Branch (Account No. 9683230)
Habib Bank (Pall Mall Branch).
National Westminster Bank, Barking Branch, (Account No. 28558999).
Habib Bank AG, Moorgate, London EC2

National Westminster Bank, Edgware Road, London
Banque Financiei E Dela Citee, Credit Suisse
Habib Bank AG Zurich, Switzerland
Pictet Et Cie, Geneva
Credit Agricole, Paris

Credit Agridolf, Branch 11, Place Brevier, 76440, Forges Les Faux
Credit Agricole, Branch Haute Normandie, 76230, Boise Chillaum

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Nawaz sharif was student of Zardari but he has now become principal of the school of corruption


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We all Pakistani especially ruling class must be thankful to NAB. Wajid Shams ul Hassanis statues must be installed in every major cities for his services. No one can defeat us. We are the best Muslims in whole (w is extra) world.


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These corrupts have not looted but sucked Pakistan dry of blood with their Dracula teeths!
بمبینو سینیما کراچی میں چلنے والی ننگی فلموں کی بلیک ٹکٹ بیچنے والا ہمارے ملک کا صدر رہا ۔ ۔ ۔ یہ اللہ کا عذاب نہیں تو کیا ہے