Asif Ali Zardari enjoying the facilities of A.C and bed in jail

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NAB ke cell to waise bhi bohat saaf suthray aur behtareen hai, asli masla to aam jailon ka hai.


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Most Pakistani's are happy Nawaz, Zardari and Hamza are in Prison but they don't know
that there Prison is like a 5 star hotel. They have all the facilities provided to them, the
gov should take all these facilities away from them.

Give them a cell with no electricity, make their lives hell!
Bhai log jails are jail. We hav no idea life these people live in their mansions.those who are saying Zardari is happy or comfortable..or their jails are 5 stars. Nothing matters jail is jail and these guys know that. They just show strong faces so jahil awam and their supporter support them.


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this thug is getting all the facilities, and he is enjoying home made food, mobile phone, tv, internet, bed, washroom. so he is just sitting alone, and now planning the future, how to get rid of cases hanging on his head, and how he can make loot maar.


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Zardari has done 11 years before and then became President to rob again.
This will not change him, he needs a bullet through the head along with Mota


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Well done NAB, if you steal billions you are still treated as KING. Ayan Ali should also be provided to him with a package of contraceptives.