Aseefa Bhutto Zardari ki Karachi Zoo aamad , aam shehriyon ke lie zoo ke darwaze bandh


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She shouldn't go to ZOO, if she wants to see dog then she can see Zardari and if she wants to see donkey then Bilawal.....I will pray for her that she returns back because its highly likely that ZOO might keep her in some enclave.


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is ko zoo mai band ker k baki animals ko chor do (serious) wo itna nuqsaan nahi pohanchain gey jitna ye jali or asli bhotoos or sharifs pohancha chukay hain or pohancha rhy hain :(


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کونسی امپورٹڈ چیز لگی ہوئی ہے اسکے ساتھ جو دنیا اسکو دیکھنے کو ترسی ہوئی ہے . یہ کوئی انوکھی تو نہیں ، .کروڑوں کے حساب سے ایسے لوگ پاکستان میں رہتے ہیں


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First Zardari has wasted 5 year of Pak with help of Nawaz Sharif and Now Nawaz Sharif are here to waste 5 year more ,,,

Looking for 2018 election when country have PTI in power for better Pakistan. Alas these 10 year , country to have waste for Nawaz Sharif and Zaradari corruption .

sigh , these 10 years should not be wasted, whim.

Nawaz Sharif in Oslo on Chater Flight (3 day parking bill will be 20000$) with his Sons wife , Grand Children and relatives for 3 day tour ,

(2)in Oslo Hotel Nawaz Sharif has booked 130 rooms 1000$ per night

Total money Nawaz SHarif will waste of tax payer in 3 days equal to money by PTI could do 1300 days sit in Islamabad against corruption.
. ختم ہو جانا چاہئیے اپنے پورے خاندانوں اور پاندانوں سمیت ان بد معاشوں کو
تاکہ عوام کچھ تازہ ہوا میں سانس لے سکے شاید اس کتورے نورے نے اپنے سمدھی کے ساتھ مل کر اگلا پروگرام تازہ ہوا پر ٹیکس لگانے کا بنا یا ہوا ہے.....صاف پانی تو عوام کے لیے مہیا نہیں کر سکے ، بیماریاں ڈھیروں پیدا کر رہی ہے یہ نوروں کی حکومت.........


The off spring of a donkey belongs behind the zoo bars. Yet the jahil AWAM takes this behavior laying down. Burn her alive. Revolution is a must, acid bath to all ppp, and the twin Nora kunnjurr families.


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She should be allocated one of the cages in the zoo, and live in it happily thereafter.
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Majooda Democracy Besharam he Hamein is ki Zarorat Nahi - Khawar Naeem Hashmi

Majooda Democracy Besharam he Hamein is ki Zarorat Nahi- Khawar Naeem Hashmi



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Zaleel dari gaya huwa hai uski yaaad mai khanzeeeer daikhnay gai hai dono aik hi cheeez haik balkeh swine Zaleeeldari blackia saay kaafi behtarr hai
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