Arrested PML-N MNA Anjum Aqeel has been taken to PIMS


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Accused MNA taken to PIMS
Updated at: 0204 PST, Monday, July 18, 2011
LAHORE: Arrested PML-N MNA Anjum Aqeel has been taken to PIMS hospital for medical examination.

After detention, Anjum Aqeel informed the police that he was a heart patient after which accused in National Police Foundation fraud case was taken to PIMS hospital.


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Baygairat loog hain yeh,
jabb pakar main aatay hain too dill kee beemari yaad aa jati hay,warna FIROON banay phirtay hain,keh hamm say ziada taqatwar aoor baasar oor koi naheen.


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PML-N’s body completes report on Anjum Aqeel

The PML-N’s disciplinary committee has completed its inquiry report on the issue of Anjum Aqeel.

Raja Zaferul Haq said that it would be submitted to party Chief Nawaz Sharif tomorrow.

While talking to media, he said that committee had observed the statements and character of the accused from every point of view, adding some new facts had come on the surface after having a meeting with Anjum.

After this, there would be no blame on the prestige of the party; however, the party would take a decision whether the report is to be telecasted or not, he added.

He said that he had no communication with the government regarding the issue of Anjum.

He said that some of the party workers who helped Anjum escape from jail were in the custody of police; that is why they could not record their statements.

PML-N chairman also claimed that Anjum Aqeel was being misbehaved behind the dungeon.
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In Palistan our police system and environment is so much inhuman and torturous especially the interrofation system is very much fearful that people avoid going to police station if any body happened to be caught for any crime he tries to get excuses to flee from that interrogation normal citizen has no such power to get away from that situation but most of the inflrential people slips away from station so did the MNA and got himself admitted in PIMS Hospital but question is that the parliamentarians who use police for their own benefit are always having fear to face the same police torture why did they not develop such system as we see in Europe or other civilised society there system of interrogation is altogether different there also they makes people confess and brings them to justice they interrogate on merit people cooperate police willingly and abide law