Army Vs Politicians

Dr ali ahmad

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The emerging confrontation between the corrupt politicians of Pakistan and its army points towards the imminent accountability of Pakistani politicians, who have stolen huge amounts of money from the national exchequer. The restlessness amongst the political leaders on operation of an accountability machinery from the militant camp is natural to be observed.

But such corrupt elements do not seem to feel the prick of consciousness for causing Pakistan a lot of damage. These politicians have given us the pricks--the pricks which have made the nation bleed.

Zardari's direct threats to Pakistan Army is an attempt of a corrupt politician and previous President of Pakistan to scare the nation of the consequences for asking him the money back. All this shows nothing but a thinking line of a fool, a fool who sees clearly the consequences of what he has stolen from the nation but adamant to be recognised with his true nature . Politicians like Zardari have stripped the nation of the honour, respect and strength for which a lot of sacrifices have been given. They have given us poverty, diseases and ignorance. They have tried their best to push the country into great troubles.

Every Pakistani should stand in support of the Army Chief to bring these corrupt faces to the court of justice. We must support the army on every step it takes for making Pakistan clean of these elements. Pakistan can no longer tolerate such corrupt leaders--- corrupt in every aspect and respect.

Should we not throw away our political affiliations now and come to realize the dire need of marking and punishing those who are corrupt in the system.?

Dr Ali Ahmad
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