Army should start its investigation from Pervez Musharraf, Hameed Gul


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I don't buy this theory that cleaning process is started until I see that happening .....busharraf have to answer all his haram khooris and gen hamid Gul have to answer his operation jackal and creation of iji and also under his command as ISI chief the deaths of 6 generals with COAS zia ul haq.....who was responsible for all that and will they take the responsibility of our present situation because their wrong decisions.


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حمید گل کو اچھی طرح اندازہ ہے کہ مشرف موجودہ چیف کے خاندان سے کتنا قریب ہے پھر بھی ایسی بات کر رہا ہے


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Hameed gul, has blood pressure issue, excellent person but has become forgetful, Pak army already know the details of Mush what else they r gonna investigate, does not make sense. He hammed gul always call Mush.


Re: What Is logical conclusion..Gen Hameed Respones

Dhagga = logical :lol:

Sorry this was the most illogical joke I ever cracked.


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Re: What Is logical conclusion..Gen Hameed Respones

Altaf bhai lives under total protection of the British government and MI6. What Altaf Bhai has done for the US, Britain and India in Pakistan, no one can, no one has and no one will ever do it for them. He is the most valued asset for them in Pakistan.They are totally aware of and fully complicit in his activities. He has got Pakistan by the balls for them by having full control over Karachi which is the heart and core of all economic and strategic military activity in the Pakistan. He holds all the secrets and activities he has been providing to them over the years. He has patiently kept them to his chest and they know it. They cant touch him. If he spills the beans about his services and their rewards to him and his MQM, many many highest officials in Britain and the US will be facing mega trouble before their parliaments and media. Through Altaf Bhai Pakistan is a total hostage and on its knees. Through him Pakistan can be kept destabilized for decades to come. IT IS ONLY PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY AND THE PEOPLE WHO ARE DEAF DUMB AND BLIND TO THIS REALITY.