Army, government at loggerheads over Taliban talks


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Army, government at loggerheads over Taliban talks

Disagreement over how to handle an escalating insurgency has put Pakistan’s all-powerful army on a collision course with the government, with the military increasingly vocal in its criticism of civilian leaders, officials and diplomats said.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who came to power in May has promised to tame militancy through negotiations, but four months on, talks have yet to start and attacks continue daily. The army has avoided open confrontation with Sharif and his government but tension is on the rise.

“The army chief … is thinking: ‘Mian Sahib (Nawaz Sharif), enough is enough’,” a senior army officer serving in the strife-plagued tribal area along the Afghan border told Reuters during a visit to Islamabad.

The military-civilian discord has been the source of tension throughout Pakistani history but Sharif’s election has raised hopes the government would get a larger say following Pakistan’s first transition between civilian administrations.

Sharif promised to hold talk with the militants during the election campaign, a welcome vow for many Pakistanis who, while abhorring the bombers, have never been convinced of the necessity of joining the US-led campaign against militancy.

The army, which keeps thousands of troops in the tribal belt, opposes talks with the Pakistani Taliban, saying previous attempts to bring the militants to the negotiating table yielded no results.

Frustration spilled into the open on Sunday when a roadside bomb killed a general and another officer near the Afghan border, just days after government officials promised to launch peace negotiations with the Pakistani Taliban soon.

“This incident has dealt a serious blow (to the peace process),” Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar told parliament this week. “We have come to a standstill.”

‘Quite disturbing’

The tension comes at a crucial time when speculation is mounting over who will replace the army chief, General Ashfaq Kayani, arguably Pakistan’s most powerful man, who is due to retire in November. The army put out a toughly worded statement this week.

“While reaffirming the army’s support for the political process, (Kayani) also said, unequivocally, that terrorists will not be allowed to take advantage of it,” it said. “The army has the ability and the will to take the fight to the terrorists.”

The United States, Pakistan’s biggest donor, is pushing Islamabad to step up its campaign against groups such as the Haqqani network which regularly attacks US forces in Afghanistan from hideouts in Pakistani mountains.

“The absence of a strong government narrative on how to counter terrorism is quite disturbing for everyone, including the army chief,” said a senior Western diplomat in Islamabad. The Pakistani Taliban are a fragmented alliance of factions with no coherent voice. Some within the group have announced preconditions, while others have denied this. The government would not say who would talk to whom, where and when.

“Until they (government) say out loud who the enemy is, there can be no policy and there can be no results,” said the senior military officer. The army says it would not agree to any preconditions, particularly the withdrawal of troops from tribal areas.

“They are saying: ‘Get out of here and let us be kings’,” another army source also serving in the tribal belt said of the Pakistani Taliban. “That’s not an option.”

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I am not sure what is this person smoking who posted this, as it has not been even remotely visible that there is a rift, on the contrary from all possible signs, it seems like both Gov and Army are actually in 100% synchronization.


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mr. irfan Siddiqui wrote a very nice piece of column in today's jang ( Yeh Moqa Ghanemat Janyen) which I wrote almost same things but some ignorants blame me a foreign agent. I send millions ***** on foreign agent and also on those who put the false allegation.These kinds of people belong to "****.Com" but anyway they are not my concern .I write what is in the national interest and many times warn about the security dangers our nation is facing.If someone take it as attack on army or civilian govt , so be it. Its their job to run the country not mine. I appreciate Gen.Kiani's statement today to deal the talibans with iron fist is a welcome statement because the world will go with pak army and help them because these talibans are a real threat to the whole world. Nation's experience with these people is not very good .Lets put it one more time for the final ,US and India will not like the negotiation with talibans and will sabotage it .Karzai is playing the double game with pak, Maulvi Fazlulah is having a safe heaven in Kunar and waging a war against pak from there .TTP also have heaven in afghanistan .TTP's pre-condition demands are not acceptable .If govt wanna give a chance to talibans ,get the groups who wanna throw their weapons and allign with pak govt -fine, get these groups and use them against the hard core elements and finish them ,they are only 5000 to 10000 and not hard for army to control them.For hard core, army should make policy to shoot on sight , no arrest.This is the only option pak have to deal with these animals.They killed our Maj Gen, Lt.Colonel and another one ,they have the nerves to claim responsibility not realising its implications . Army's response not on time was taken as weakness of the army whereas its not. our army men fighting in such hard conditions with the groups who are pakistanis .They are not pakistanis -they are traitors and lets deal the traitors the treatment they deserve.I am the biggest critic of India , CIA and Pantegon's policies towards this region so some idiots blame me as their agent .I am pakistani first and have pak blood in my veins , will never sacrifice my patriotism for money .
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فوج اور حکومت میں تناؤ بڑھنے لگا

فوج اور حکومت میں تناؤ بڑھنے لگا