Appeal of a conscious daughter to nation - Ansar Abbasi


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Folk: Stand for your Freedom
Since the beginning Mullahs were against the creation of this country, now they are conquering this country in bits and pieces since 1980s. They bring all kind of propaganda against co-education. These fanatics cannot tolerate any freedom of expression and any deviant life style around them. I hate this cheap tactics and low rated rhetoric against our Colleges and Universities. I want to highlight the simple fact of life to my fellows through this forum that.....freedom is not choice, freedom is duty. So stand for this duty otherwise these fanatics will plague every corner of your life with the help of their with their armada of evil. They are alien to the word freedom, and believe me they will not leave any air for you to breath. So I condemn this column by this cronie of Mullahs.....Shame on you Ansar Abasi for your black journalism.


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the way we have adopted westren style of living,it may be very difficult now to tun back.our honourable sisters and daughters can continue to be example in this dirty atmosphare. is really worries me when out teaching staff is involved in such activities. i said it is very difficult to come back but surely it is not impossible. we have to make collective efforts and ask for Allah' help.

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Thanks to P. Musharraf. Kumbakhat khud tu naach ganay ka shokeen that puri qoom ko kharaab ker gaya!

Rahi gayee qasar Media nay nikaal dee.