Apas Ki Baat - 28th March 2011 - Sethi 's Appreciation For Imran Khan & Disclosure About Raymond Dav


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Najam Sethi agar Imran ne siasat choor di tu, tum jaisey gande aandey aur corrupt logoon se pakistan ki jaan kaun churaye ga?


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imran is the final athourty on cricket, how dare he is (sethi) AGREEING with him, imran doesn't need any support of his comments for cricket... sala sethi


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Najam Sethi believed RAymond Davis is innocent and should be released, and now he wishes Imran Khan to leave politics, as this domain only belongs to thugs of PPPP or PML-N, or Sethi's kinds' bogeyman Jamiat islami, there is no need of PTI, too much democracy also injurious for health.


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Saithi wants leader for cricket and undergogs for leading Nation what the........he is speaking He also said that politics is a dity Game.
Imran khan will clean politics and also media beware mr shhhhhiiittthhhhi......

Imran Khan is the only hope for pakistan


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well done sethi aik bar phir daddy k namak ka haq aada ker deya :angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile:.... games and social work imran ko dey dain aur baki mulk in vultures ko.... aacha hai ... there was a little doubt in my mind that you have ur own line.. but this advice cleared it just like a shine day that you have an agenda and a big daddy also... i have faith in Lord Almight that i'll see you eating these words back one day very soon inshallah.... Captain will win that final in Peshawar next month as well as his team in MUMBAI on 2nd...


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what is Sethi? simply a pimp of pppp govt. how has approach to files? i as a lay man can reply his questions.non of question shows involvement of what chief minister said. knowing some thing and involvement r 2 different things. as govt is MAJBOOR in front of agencies because of their own weaknesses,so if Punjab govt could not do to stop all this nonsense there is no surprise in it in spite of knowing few thing they were stopped to do any action against it probably.and so on there could be answers to stupid and foolish questions of DIRTY minded people like Sethi who always r HIS MASTER'S VOICE.i m absolutely not a pro man for PML(N) but i try to speak out against any thing which i feel is wrong and by a wrong man.


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guys, we should make effort and call live on air on this show and abuse(nicely) this @$$OLE'views.


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pakistani cricket needs a good leader like imran khan, pakistan a country of 180 millions ppl doesn;t need leader like imran khan. what a stupid statement!

chalo aik baat to hey, iss mussali nein imran khan ki leadership ko to mana


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Will ever Pakistanis use their mind instead of heart?

I don't think so,

they always would like to hear, what they like, TRUTH is like a big embarrassment for them.

Heroism on its height,

They use their heart where mind should be use, likewise mind would have been used where it shouldn't.

What would be the end of this nation, start with emotions, waste of time on emotions, and at the end no result.