Any one volunteering for FAFEN

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I just found out about this organization.

Sounds very interesting. Any one knows about this organization or has worked/volunteered here? I am interested in volunteering.


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I am on its maiing list.
I joined automatically after being a member of Pak-Media yahoo groups.

They often send very insightful fact sheets, mostly on the on-goings of NA sessions.
Lately they sent a detailed objective report on Malpractices in the PP160 ByElection and one on Hike in the Basic Food Item Prices.

IMO, this is a mailing list definitely worth being on.




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I did not read the whole thing but I did not find who funds them

Updated: their impeccable English and the fancy site tells me the org may be American or British controlled, which in either case, not good.

I wanted to write to them but they are asking too many questions and even worse for the membership.

I wonder, just before last election, what prompted people to set this up. Who are they? Why would 5 civil societies come up with this idea despite that it may have horrendous expense. I will watch fo now but keep an eye on them for future.
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