Another great news - Imran Khan's warning works - Details by Siddique Jaan

Dunkin Donut

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slowly and gradually Siddique Jaan is loosing propaganda.

I give him 2 more months and he will be unemployed AGAIN !

He will back to his pre ISPR employment status i.e, outside F8 girls college.


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جیو میرے شیر ،! چوروں ، ڈاکوَں ، لٹیروں ، عوام کا خون چوس کر

انہیں بھکاری بنانے والی گِدھ نما خنزیروں کی رپورٹنگ پر آپ مبارک

باد اور دادِ تحسین کے مستحق ہیں


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We must not call it PM's threat, Imran Khan is the first Prime Minister who loves the nation and is 24/7 worried in how to bring some relief to every Pakistani, it was a very sincere advise to the nation by the PM, that a law is made and ready to implement from 01July2019 without any exemption and excuse, so instead of complaining or crying later take steps now. It is great to see that people are accepting that Pakistan is heading towards a country where law will prevail, law abiding citizens will be rewarded and those who will not follow the law will be penalized.


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I just met an Indian driver from Indian Punjab and he just couldn’t stop saying good stuff abt khan! He was like “tusi log barray lucky oo” felt good!!