Angela Merkel uses science background in coronavirus explainer !!!


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Angela Merkel ( German Chancellor ) uses science background in coronavirus explainer !!!

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel. has been praised for her explanation of how the coronavirus spreads and why deciding when to lift a lockdown is such a complex issue. Merkel, who has a doctorate in quantum chemistry, said that physical distancing measures had brought a 'fragile intermediate success' and helped 'flatten the curve', but added that these rules would remain in place until at least 3 May but some shops could reopen next week.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel answered a question about determining how and when to lift the mitigation measures most countries have put into place during the coronavirus pandemic, and her answer shows us what it looks like to have a scientifically competent person leading a country.

Merkel is an honors graduate with a PhD in quantum chemistry, which undoubtedly makes her one of the most qualified heads of government in this pandemic. Germany, despite being hit hard by the virus, has managed to start flattening their curve and has a far lower death rate than most other countries. (This New York Times article explains some reasons for why that might be.)

Merkel explained why lifting lockdowns is a "fragile" situation that requires caution over overconfidence and described how exponential growth works. In clear terms, she showed how even a small increase in the reproduction number—how many infections an infected person causes—makes a huge difference in how taxed the health system will get.