Anchor Waheed And Wahab Making Fun Of Imran Khan


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Re: Achor Waheed And Wahab Making The Fun Of Imran Khan

Yeh dono ghalat baat kar rahe hain , dono bewaqoof hain


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LOL ppl whom u will never know if they existed in this world; the only way now someone can notice them is if they talk about PTI or IK ... kiya karain bicharay :P


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Who is this stupid retarded anchor? look at him he can't even conduct like an host of the show, who gave him the journalism degree and the job i the media, he is pathetic very biased anchor, shame on your pathetic and also bringing this clown Akbar s babar who is known to be a blackmailer:angry_smile:


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Very well said bro i agree with you, 3rd class people like this anchor and Akbar s babbar who is known to be a blackmailer, going on TV and talking about IK and bashing PTI what nonsense:angry_smile:


Two idiots, one bald the other stupid pseudo wanna be can't speak English, but pretends he knows. F ing morons.


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They are real idiots don't they realise that security is a prime issue for IK, never seen a pair of stupid like them. they are talking like village meerasies.


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Saaalay 2 takkay k chhichhoray ab Imran Khan pe bhonkna shuru ho gaye hain .... kya karain bhayee khan pe nahi bhonkain ge to program kon dekhay gaa.... rating ka masla hai.


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Although Imran is making mistakes after mistake in a lightning speed, still every single anchor somehow or their other becomes so contemporary by either talking for and against imran...... Imran despite his shortcomings is one heck of a charismatic leader...hands down!