American charged with Dubai handcuff theft jailed,kiya ye Pakistan mein ho sakta hai?


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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) A Dubai court has slapped a one-month jail sentence on an American man on charges that he stole a pair of police handcuffs.

A judge in the city-state's misdemeanor court read out the sentence in Adam Foster's case on Thursday.

Foster's lawyer Yousuf Hammad had urged the court to accept a lesser charge of finding and failing to report lost property, and had also argued for leniency.

The 30-year-old Foster says he found the handcuffs in a shopping mall parking lot.

Hammad told The Associated Press he is still waiting for court papers to be filed to get details of the court's reasoning.



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And Lotaa what happened when the Israeli's killed the Palestinian in Dubai last year. They made a lot of noise but what happened, nothing>

Iran also makes a lot of noise, when happened when they killed the Nuclear scientist in Tehran, nothing happened.