Altaf Hussain directs MQM workers to start dharna preparations

It's a moral religious national duty of every Pakistani where ever you find traitor enemy of Pakistan raw agent in Pakistan arrest him or her and take them to police station in Pakistani style .. If you don't do that you don't deserve to e called Pakistani .. Mqm workers are proven raw agents and enemies of Pakistan .. Treat them as a spy traitor should be treated where ever you find them in Pakistan


MPA (400+ posts)
chaly oye ***** ja ja agar himat hay to dharna de kar dikha ? and by the way can someone ask this idiot what happens on the night of 3o August when they start shelling on Qadri and IK container he is an idiot


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
IMRAN KHAN ko koosney waley ussi ke naqsh e qadam par chal parey. Altaf Kasai ke din thorey hain abb.