Almost 250 people have been injured due to Islamabad Police


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Corruption kings wants to finish qadri & imran.All hospitals are ordered not tell actual figure of killed people,Snippers shooters are called to target imran & qadri if they come out of container Shame on punjab police geo news ch nisar, shehbaz, nawaz sharif, parvez ,rashid, KHWAJA ASIF, saad rafiq, rana sanulla, brutally killing innocent Pakistani people specially women kids,spreading pool of blood there is no justification for it still PML-N spokes man putting petrol on fire in such critical situation, silence of army is question mark ? threats given to ary news channels, killing of people is nothing for 2 ganjaas brothers and their team but saving their chair looted wealth from the blood & sweat of this nation is more important for them worst corrupt PML-N nooras spreading money in media bureaucracy judiciary if they don't agree then obnoxious call starts for killing them,its all happening just because the people want peaceful justice for the 80 murders of model town,and the most worst rigged elections of 2013,All these goons thugs of ppp PML-N covering their corruptions in the name of dirtiest hijacked democracy now remain slave of america and these corrupt leaders and never dream of good future rather then attacking pm house or parliament they should have gone to raiwind Lahore or the most beloved things of these murderers.


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i supported army all my life, and will support them till my last breath...
But my heart is bleeding my eyes crying...where is our army ???????
Where is general raheel sharif ????

We dont want another kayani !!!


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جی نہیں 250 نہیں
چوپو چوپو ہور چوپو

معلوم نہیں تم ایسا رویہ رکھ کر کیا بتانا چاہ رہے ہو۔

خوش ہو جاو کہ انسان مارے گئے۔ جاو خوشی کے نفل پڑھو


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iska demagi santulan kharab hogia hai yah yeh Hitler ki oulad hai...ab isne khud hi faisla krna hai...
معلوم نہیں تم ایسا رویہ رکھ کر کیا بتانا چاہ رہے ہو۔

خوش ہو جاو کہ انسان مارے گئے۔ جاو خوشی کے نفل پڑھو