All the Best Champ!!! Arshad Nadeem's message


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Written message for the poor soul. May Allah grant him the succes.
well unfortunately this is how it is in countries like ours and that is why this condition of us, not just in sports but in every walk of life. The inter passed Khakis have ruined the country and obviously still think that they are the saviours.

Anyways, I have just checked, the gold medal is definitely going to a German who is also world number 1 right now and the difference between him and others is tooooooo big, that is around 10 m more than the second behind him. Second in the list is an Indian who also has good 2 m lead on rest. Then there are closed ones with Arshad Nadeem also in the run ( he seems to be 3rd best in the list with best throws till now). So if he really tries hard, he has a best chance to win a bronze for Pakistan, which would be the biggest news in Pakistan sports history since 1992. In 1992 was the last time, Pakistan won any kind of medal in Olympics, that was a bronze as well by the way.

I wish him all the best, and hope somehow he can compete with the Indian, though the difference is quite big.


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Is he asking for prayers or giving suckup sermon ?
He should say thanks to everyone and can highlight some name in his success after winning the medal.