AlertNet Scrapbook - Almost 2 million Indian children under 5 die annually


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[h=1]AlertNet Scrapbook - Almost 2 million Indian children under 5 die annually[/h]
By Nita Bhalla | Wednesday at 12:31 PM | Comments ( 0 )
More than 1.74 million children in India die every year before they reach their fifth birthday, the government was quoted as saying by the Indian Express on Wednesday.
"As per SRS (Sample Registration System) data 2009, 17.4 lakh children are estimated to die before the age of five years, Sudip Bandyopadhay, minister of state for health, said in a written reply in parliament. (1 lakh equals 100,000)
About 55 percent of the deaths were neonatal or deaths in the first 28 days of life, he said, adding that deaths due to pneumonia and diarrhoea accounted for 11 percent of the total.


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now people will come here and say we have very rich people in india, what do you have?...i say shame on such rich people who spend billions on their children's weddings while innocent childrens of their nations die..(cry)


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Some deaths actually relate to sex of the fetus. If its a girl, she is aborted. It could well be a large percentage of the deaths.


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To remove poverty people must first of all must create wealth honestly which many people do not either out of laziness, stupidity or craziness.

Once wealth is created, it needs to be distributed honestly and sensibly.

It is not possible to do so the way things are. It is because even when there are jobs people do not want to work they rather waste time. Same with education ie many kids are not bothered to turn up in schools even when education is free. Many who are desperate for education cannot afford it. So we end up trying to provide education for those who are not interested and and we do not want to provide education for those who cannot afford it. Same with jobs ie we provide jobs for those who are not really interested in working and we do not employ those who want to really work.

On top we have systems that ensure that there is negative competition so people push each other out of places. All these factors destroy community and to so we see the result that we do.

It is for this reason we need systems that are just and we need to prepare people for the tasks properly psychologically and well as physically.

It is for this reason we need incentives that are good enough to attract people to education and work as well as systems that ensure everyone is taken care of sensibly.

This is where comes in the quran but I do not think people are ready for it. To be ready people must be willing to learn the quran properly which not many people do. If a people are not bothered with understanding of goals, guidelines, rights and responsibilities, rules and regulation, ideologies, structures, systems and practices then there is very little any system can do for humanity. Because ultimately things need to be done by people. God only gives advice, he does not come and do things for people. This is why he makes it clear that people must play their assigned role in order to succeed. Nothing happens unless someone or something causes something to happen.

So if we want a better world then we need to work with each other for that end and we will get it otherwise we can say what we like or do whatever we like but end result will not be right unless we do things for the set purpose and the right way..
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