AH another statement about Martial Law - Declined his Statement

Rana Tahir Mahmood

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After this statement it is evident that AH is changing colour like Chameleon.
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Ammad Hafeez

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Yeh to bilkul hi qalabazi kha gaya hay.

LOL, Jb Imran Khan Kalaa Baazi Khaa Skta hai toh Altaf Hussain ne kia kya hai. Wese Yeh Kala Baazi nai hai, Martial law jesa iqdaam ka kaha tha, Martial law nai kaha tha :)

Imran Khan joins Altaf Hussain in calling for frontline Army role in stabilizing Pakistan

Par ab Kala Baazi maar chukey hain :P


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Godfather, Altaf is not confused, he is out and testing the willingness and readiness of the people to accept another dictator.
He too is an American agent!


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یہ تھوکا نہیں بلکہ الطاف حسین قے کر کے چاٹ گیا


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Its usual for Greatest leader of Pakistan altaf hussain to change his statements. (greatest in sense of traitor)


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Altaf Hussain nay apnay app ko sabit kar diya k woh kitna INFLUENTIAL leader hai....Aik chooti si baat say poray system ki hawaiyan urh gain iss say barha aur kia saboot hoga Altaf Hussain ki leadership ka????Aur yeh baat Karachi k liye bhi bohat barhi hai k unkay representative sirf 15% hain magar poray pakistan ko hila saktay hain...That is why MQM and Karachiite are future of Pakistan either accept that or not...
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