Agenda 360 - 11th August 2013 - بہتری کب آئے گی ؟


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Both maizban are confused they just want to show that they are aggressive. They need to be specific only few things to get something out of it. Just showing yourself is not enough at this time Pakistan.


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It's a lame duck government, no policy, no thoughts,no guts, nothing but rotten to the core, MIAN Saab what APC do you want, you have absolute majority, what else do you want, get on with the job, it's your decision to make, giving stupid explanation about the past does not matter.
This MIAN government can't rule with a majority, they want others to take the burden , it beggars belief that nearly three months since MIAN SAABS mandate and no national policy statement on anything, shear incompetency all round, p.p laughing their heads off.
PAKISTANI DEMOCRACY "" R.I.P ( rest in peace)