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You cant stop ageing, but can definitely age slower than you think. Stop trying to fight nature with the help of cosmetic surgeries and an endless cycle of botox. That does not mean you resign to it and prepare your mind to "age gracefully". Instead, fight ageing the natural way

Read healthy
Fighting age has a lot to do with eating healthy. First, you must know whats healthy. So if whole grains sounds like an alien term and you still consider vada pave as the best quick-fix solution to hunger, its high time you pull up the antenna. Get those health magazines out and get yourself educated. Chances are unhealthy practices will come down drastically. And just like any investment, its bound to pay dividends (that will show on your body).
Follow diet charts, but
Merely counting calorie requirements as per body weight can be a huge mistake. Take into account the climatic conditions as well. What you eat in summer has to be different from what/how much you eat in other seasons. Moreover, your lifestyle and vocation have a significant role to play. When temperature goes up, the metabolic system slows down and there are high chances of energy being stored as fat an express route to speedy ageing. To deal with such a problem, cut down on meat and increase the proportion of greens that will go easy on your metabolism.

Move around
Dedicate 40 minutes, thrice a week to outdoor exercise. If you plan to hit the gym, ensure you go four days a week, giving enough time to train different body parts on each day. Yes, you will feel fitter and your energy levels will be high, but the benefits dont stop here. It will help you deal with stress a term synonymous with fast ageing. Courtesy the high level of feel good hormones (endorphins), you will feel in control of yourself and the situations around you. You will have lower resting heart rate and also have a stable blood pressure. The production of testosterone levels in the body will be stimulated as well. Regular exercise will also help you get a toner skin, making you look younger and healthier.

Keep dehydration away
Dehydration is known to fasten the ageing process. Ensure you have adequate water eight to ten times a day, and 12 to 15 times a day (if you are into a strenuous lifestyle). Bear in mind that its not just about the amount of water you drink. It is equally important to drink at regular intervals. Moreover, the heavier your body, the more is the amount of water that you must drink.
A major contributor to everlasting youth at one point of time was the abundant nutrition available in natural foods. However, with excessive usage of pesticides and other chemicals, nutrition levels arent the same any more, which is why we need multi-vitamins, especially for Vitamin C and E. Fish and citrus fruits, are the natural sources that can go along with your supplements. Also, ensure a good supply of anti-ageing anti-oxidants via cereals and whole grains.
Dont party late
Human beings arent nocturnal nor can they see in the dark. Nature has made them so and for a reason. Why go against it? Our body clocks are timed according to sunlight, and our late night partying habits are a rebellion against our own bodies. The glands (that should ideally get rest after sunset) are forced into working overtime and as a result, speed up the ageing process. The undue interference with the body clock over time manifests itself in distorted sleep patterns. So turn off the lights and slow down the ageing. Going by the same logic, do not schedule your exercise regimen for the end of the day. Get up an hour early in the morning if required.

Say no to dairy
Research has shown that dairy products arent the best sources of proteins courtesy the natural make up of our intestines. Relying on dairy for long can induce allergies, make you lactose intolerant, and hence, speed the ageing process. Hence, it is best to keep them in moderation and rely on red beans, egg and other natural sources instead.

Check it through
Going for regular check-ups is the most undermined, yet most powerful method of slowing down the ageing process, especially among Indians. Regular BP and cholesterol check-ups can help pin down problems at their nascent stages itself. Why wait until its too late?
*Internet research!


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THAT DOES IT. Now I have to cancel my face lift appointment. Will lose the deposit :lol::lol:

I hear the doctors were going to return your money by themselves as they thought it is a lost cause. Now after reading your comments they might not return the money any way. Hard Luck:lol:


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Please, Please, Please!

THAT DOES IT. Now I have to cancel my face lift appointment. Will lose the deposit :lol::lol:

Please don't cancel your appointment. Siasat Pk Forum can send a crane to lift the face.[hilar][hilar][hilar](serious)(serious)(serious)(serious)