After Nawaz league, now JI joins hands to support Takht Lahore candidate



And now Bosan went a step ahead of Gilani as Jamaat-e-Islami also announced to support him. The political circles see the recent development as a major breakthrough for Bosan.

The announcement was made by the district amir of JI Prof Iftikhar Chaudhry in presence of Malik Shaukat Hayat Bosan’s elder brother and former federal minister Malik Sikandar Hayat Bosan during a function.

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Zulfi Khan

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I am the supporter of PTI and will vote for PTI Inshallah! Imran Khan Zindabad! PTI Zindabad!
I voted for PPP and other corrupt parties in the past but their performance is so bad that I am
convinced that Imran Khan is the best and a new leader, dependable one ,and an honest leader
in Pakistan.


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What is so surprising.... all opposition parties will love to see defeat of gillani. JI cannot secure a thousand votes and PMLN candidate secured four thousand in last election from there. They have option but to support Bosans who have, if any, hope of defeating gillanis


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Hahaha...u guys have used this takht Lahore propaganda for so long and people have seen your true colours. Takht Lahore didn't ask your beloved PPP leaders to be EXTREMELY corrupt, incompetent, Army didn't intervene and you had full control and failed miserably.

Shame on PPP and it's supporters for ruining the country.