After Gullu, we have another Butt addition


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This is how ' The Jews' looks today. :lol::lol:




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Asad Khan

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Geo still claims to be an independent media outlet or have they officially merged with the Noon media wing ? Even the Shareefs' own minions can't make such an outrageous claim about yesterday's Lahore gathering.


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Tariq Butt??? PML-N Supporter and Jang Groups columnist.

Have a look at all of his columns (though a waste of time) and try to find any logical reasoning or any good analysis by him. If you find any please do inform me :)

It is not a challenge for PTI supporters, rather a challenge to PML-N supporters :) Hurry up guys (PML-N) I hope i will get some feedback from you guys :D

Oh sorry aik dua to add kerna bhool hi gia.

Jaan boojh ker jhootay or corrupt politicians ki support kerne walay per Allah ki L.A.N.A.T. Sub bolo ameeen
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طارق بٹ

آپ عظیم ہیں

(اب سمجھ نہیں آ رہا کے اوپر کے جملے میں چوّل کا اضافہ کیا جاۓ یا بے غیرت کا یا پھر دونو کا ہی)

Altaf Lutfi

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insaani harkaat aur bandar k tamashay main farq karna chahiyay. yeh bechara chhalangain laga raha hai tu laganay du, hum insaan tu sab kuchh dekh hi rahay hain
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