Advisor PM Abdul Hafeez Shaikh & Governor Sindh Imran Ismail Joint Press Conference


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Wheel of the economy is NOT rolling because your wheel is jammed. No business grows when loans cost 13 and 14%. With zero economic growth you will collect fewer and fewer taxes. You are caught in your own filth...Spend 200 million dollars now and unlock the jammed wheel of the economy (by dumping it in market) to save 20 billion potential loss to economy later. But you are too busy pinching pennies .....selling PM house buffalos instead of dumping 200 million and cracking down on speculators. Aisey economies 7 to 8 % p grow nahi karti....this basterd government is making plans (5 million homes/10 million jobs) as if they are growing at 8% rate.....abhey teri auqaat 2% hai....2% mein raho....1 saal to poora honay wlaa hai...agley 4 saal bhi aisey hi guzarengey ye kuttey k pillay