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Suggestion for Imran Khan

Dear Sir,
Through your esteemed online paper, I would like to make humble suggestion to Imran Khan to revisit his basic ideology and change his political strategy accordingly.

When he launched Tehreek Insaf in 1996 he was disappointed with deliverance of justice in the country and so he named his party accordingly. A long struggle he went through and eventually managed to get himself acknowledged by the people of Pakistan, specially the youth of Pakistan who were totally disappointed with the existing actors of politics.

Imran Khan has been in power in the KP province for the last over two years. He has made attempt to set things right, particularly discouraging financial corruption, bringing discipline to governmental working, checking deforestation, trying to introduce merit in day to day working of the government institutions etc.

All this though commendable is still too little. Expectations from him were far beyond this performance at least. The frustrated people who extended frantic support him with all their might and commitment were expecting sweeping and revolutionary changes across the board. Hauling up corrupt people by the dozens and awarding exemplary punishment to them, complete abolition of VIP culture and display of humbleness and simplicity by one and all in the govt, starting from the Khan himself, were the least his supporters were expecting from him.

The PTI is slowly descending into the swamp of traditional election politics. If it continues like this, it may gain few extra seats in the next elections but would loose it's spirit n the bargain. Imran Khan should take the difficult but right decision to jump for a paradigm change in the country. He should openly declare support for a presidential system through a national referendum. He must also openly declare support for important but politically difficult national issues like Kalabagh dam etc.

I humbly advice Imran Khan not to try become another 'successful' politician of Pakistan, to the misfortune of his supporters. Instead become a statesman and a leader.

"What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but lose his own soul" -Bible
-- Zafar Ahmad, Chitral 28 July 2015. Suggestion 28 July2015.htm
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shahz khan

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Imran need to focus on KP act as captain n take matters in his hand go ahead with slogan of turning around of KP n get ride of Pervez khattak, Leaving everything to pervez khattak as right now could make him lose his support n KP. He has so many competant people in party Like Asad Umer should use him in KP.


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Agree with the author.
Khan Sb, Enough of your blame politics. Get on board with the issue politics and hire qualified manager, that you said were needed to fix the issues before elections. Rid of most clowns in our part - we are very disappointed with the current performance.


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IK ko khud sochna chaye jis ka plane use kar raha hay uska koi maqsad he ho ga aj invest karay ga tu kal mal bhe banaye ga aysay logo say dor he rahay tu bhetar hay aysay log sirf apna faida dekhtay hay


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Yaa Haar Imran Khan Ki Ha Ya Hammari ??

Mujhe hairat ha unh logun ko jo JC ka faisla anee pe bohat khush hain aur khushi sa naach rahe hain ka daikhoo Humare Mian Sb Shurkrooh ho gaye. Hairat tou iss baat pe haa kee kuch loug iss baat pe bhi khush ho rahe hain ka dhandli sabat nahe howe matlab unheen khud bhi paata ha ka dhandli howe ha but khushi iss baat pe haa ka sabat nahe howe.iss ki misaal aisi haa ka Mr X ki Beti ka koi Rape kar dey and app ko pata bhi ho but app sabat na kar sako ka Rape howa ha aur vo banda bach jaye. Tou iss ka matlab ya nahe ka Rape nahe howa iss ka matlab yaa haa ka Rape karne wale itne takatwar the ka koi unheen pakar nahe sakka.Issi Tarah JC ki report ne Pakistan ka Rape keyaa ha ya baat app logun ko shahihd samjh nahe aa rahi, iss JC report ne Mulk main mustakbil main saaf aur sahfaaf election ka rasta block kar deyaa haa.... Abh khud socho tum loug Pakistan Ka Rape hone pe khusyan mana rahe ho kya Jahil Insan ho. Abhey bewakoofo iss mian Imran khan ka koi nuqsaan nahe ha jo tum naach rahe hoo iss main hum sab ka nuqsaan ha. Pehle he humare Vote ki koi aukaat nahe thee abh tou khair vo aur mazze sa vote cohri kareen ge ke poochne wala koi nahe.
Akher main unh logun ke leye aik Note jo Iss JC pe naach rahe hian. Bhai app ka naachna aisa he haa jaise app ke kissi pyarey ka janaza samne ha aur app uss pe Naach rahe hain..
YAAD RAKHO.. yaa Haar Imran Khan Ki Haar nahe haa yaa Haar hamari aur humari anee wali nasloon ki haar haa..!!!


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Re: Yaa Haar Imran Khan Ki Ha Ya Hammari ??

یہ ہار عمران خان کی بھی ہے اور اس کے پجاریوں کی بھی
یہ ہار اقتدار کی محبت میں لاشوں کی تلاش کرنے والوں کی ہے
یہ ہار وزیراعظم کی کرسی کی چاہت میں اپنی روح بیچنے والوں کی ہے
یہ ہار جھوٹ، دھوکے، فریب کی ہے
یہ ہار مکاری اور دغابازی کی ہے

ہمیں اس سے دور رکھیں
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Re: Yaa Haar Imran Khan Ki Ha Ya Hammari ??

Konsi haar kaisi haar? PTI was asking for Inquiry. PML-N refused. Aur jab PTI ne ungli tairhi ki to PML-N maan gai.


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Re: Yaa Haar Imran Khan Ki Ha Ya Hammari ??

تینوں کنے خط پایا اے
:lol:نہ سدی نہ بلائی میں کڑی دی تائی
o shezada, Comment of the Day [hilar]:lol:
aiway hi Mu chuk k aa jnda wa, chawl jya [hilar]:lol: