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Hi Admin

My previous username on the forum was Pir Dilawar Shah , registered in 2013 . I used to sign in via facebook connect.

It has been a year now since i deactivated my facebook account and lost the email password attached to facebook as well.

Would you help me restore my previous account please on this forum.?

Thank you
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Please send me your email address, that you used to register for your first id on forum.


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پیر صاحب آئیں گے تے مٹھے چاول کھائیں گے
لیکن پیر صاحب جمعرات تو کل ہے آپ نے ایک دن پہلے
ڈیمانڈ کر دی

مذاق ایک طرف
مسلہ حل کرو بھائی کا



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Plz could u guide me how to start thread thanks

Forum k main page pe Menu bar pe urdu main " Siyasat " likha hai, uss pe click karain. Phir relevant forum choose karain. i.e. Siyasi Videos, Siyasi Discussions > Click on Post New Thread.

Title likhain aor phr apna message type karain, ya news paste karain ya videos attach karain aor End mein Submit Thread kar dain.

You can also take help from the following video:

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