Aapas Ki Baat - 5th September 2011 - Who is Behind Zulfi Leaks??


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Wah Sethi wah........... jawab nahee teera.

He is saying that Mirza got all his information through ISI intelligence reports via PM / President Secretariat ............. and then with the approval of presidency Mirza met twice ISI chief Pasha to share the very same evidences................ ha ha ha.

If Rehman Malik is Zardari's go get it done man and as per Sethi, Mirza is dancing on Zardari's tune then why would Zardari want Malik to get all the brunt from Mirza?

Why did Mirza asked Zardari to resign when and if Zardari accepts MQM back in the government?
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Sethi bilkul nanga ho gaya hai Zulfiqar Mirza kay ma'amlay mai. Anyone who has ever made the mistake of thinking Sethi is a good analyst and an impartial guy should be able to see the truth now. If not, then you are hopeless :).

See how he explained short term and long term goals...totally idiotic.

In the first video, Muneeb asked a question about Rehman Malik, calling him the target but Najam Sethi totally ignored it and twisted the conversation to take it to MQM. Sethi didn't let Muneeb bring the question that why Zulfiqar Mirza had to blame Rehman Malik that badly. If the objective was only to let MQM know that Rehman Malik is an MQM hamdard, then Mirza didn't have to say that he is a traitor and breaking the country. Najam Sethi has not been discussing any of that in his programs.

Najam Sethi, as usual is fully protecting Zardari in this program. People who know how to read between the lines can easily see that. People's party ka fayeda bana raha hai Sethi by cleansing. Everyone should watch 2-3 prior programs on this topic (Aapas ki baat). Najam Sethi b**tard is converting a real big issue in a very small one. What Mirza has said is absolutely true i.e. Rehman Malik is an agent, he is involved in breaking Pakistan and is working for foreign powers.

Watch all the programs of NS, and it can be easily noticed that he always works for Zardari and US. See how he is defending Rehman Malik all the time e.g. even with the NADRA related item - whether tht's right or wrong, Sethi is totally protecting and cleansing Rehman Malik.

RANA Sana'a

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if some one is not sayng some thng that u want to listen that doesnt mean that he is wrong or he is on pay roll