Aapas Ki Baat - 28th September 2013 Muneeb - Aman Ke Asha - Part 1 & 2


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We focus more on India while focus should be "compartmentalized". Education and Economic development as top priority in one compartment. Then relations with different parts of world. EU & USA in one compartment, China, Iran, & Turkey in other, Muslim World in and other, Then other parts of world and India in another. Dependence on India will automatically will be reduced as Pakistan can get technology and business from all other areas. If relations with India improve, that's fine and if arrogance of India remains, then tell them go to hell but Pakistan will prosper. Pakistani media and Nawaz has shown as if India won't be there nothing will move. This is wrong.


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koi bhi kabakht anchor yeh nahi kahta k Mumbai ka attack was actually engineered by the Indian army


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میر شکیل اور اس کے کتوں کو الله اس دنیا میں ضرور ذلیل کرے گ