Aapas Ki Baat - 22nd September 2013 - Peshawar Church Blast: Can the beast of terrorism really be t


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I don't why this guy is always talking of war war war. he needs to understand why all parties have decided to go talks and why imran khan is emphasizing this strategy. The first thing which he is questioning of KHAN, Nawaz and JI, if they are saying no human can do this act, they are not human. I am going to explain this so called thinker, philosopher is that, this war is bloody chun chun ka murabba at this time. When these leaders say do these talks first, this means know your enemy, divide them and win the pashton to our side and take on those who do this inhuman act.

Bloody understand what KHAN is saying than do your analysis, and i would also say ANP is worst than all, doing politics on dead bodies.


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sethi you proved yourself yesterday's programme (21/09/13), you said "in three wars between india & pakistan, pakistan started all three wars", who is it you are trying to deceive, you bas***d, i am not in pakistan, otherwise i will visit you in person, folks this guy (sethi) is a poison & venom of a hypocrite + an agent of all anti pakistan wossies, i watch this " chirya" thing to get to the bottom of whose as* he is licking, between, in a nutshell he is a "ghadaar",
please don't be influenced by this dressed-up ghaddar..


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Sethi seems to be a ullu ka patha today.

Words INSAAN is used as figurative speech. He is taking it for literal


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pmln and pti must continue this course of talks to every extent that the only course we have people who selling war in pak have theior own agendas and they sell that for money don't listen them stay on course they will do anything to torpedo it


Sultan Alvi

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To talk or not to talk to TTP is a very difficult decision, and either way could be disastrous for Pakistani people. It is very easy to watch these talk shows and criticize without any consequences. Just listen to Sethi for his view point, which could be right or wrong or some mixture of the two. At least he does give his opinion on many issues, which is much better than all the crap we hear from other so-called leaders and analysts.


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Shame on Najam Sethi

If Imran Khan says ke ye insaniyat ke khilaf hain, Najam Sethi said ' ye kya fazool baat hai'. Christians and Muslims are both Humans and that is what Imran Khan is trying to say. Najam Sethi himself is a man with no soul and this is not the right time to scrutinize simple urdu statements

Najam Sethi is saying he is shocked on the Mazaq Raat talk.
The reality is that PPP govt and ANP never wanted to hold talks with the TTP.

I think it is time people call on his program to counter his stupid views and give him shut up call. I don't understand if Najam Sethi is pro Pakistan or anti Pakistan


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Sethi was selected as Interim PM by Zardari and Nawaz. That's enough evidence to deduce where his paycheck is coming from