Aap senator bangaye ho , naukri pakki karne keliye cheekh rahe ho :- Omeer Cheema v/s Nehal Hashmi


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نہال ہاشمی، دانیال عزیز اور پرویز رشید کا بس نہیں چلتا کے نواز شریف کو اپنا باپ تسلیم کر لیں


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I can see now the new mantra for PMLN is support of Zac instead of Sadiq.

Let me tell you the moronic PMLN supporters here. Sadiq is from Tooting, which is only 4 miles from where i live and the nearest Asian area from my home. I know Sadiq quite well. I can promise you thousands of Muslims wouldn't vote for Sadiq in the coming Mayor's elections, including me. Sadiq is vile.