Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 12th August 2010


MPA (400+ posts)
today in switzerland, a news paper interviewed the people on the street , that when there was eatherquick in haitti, we donate 227 Million swiss fances , now for pakistan till now just 8 Million swiss frank,

the people most of them said ,, , they are not sure if the donation will go to real people....

pitty we are very famous beggers, and international faqeer ,in the name of poor people.

i think we know our AAUQAAT ,,,


MPA (400+ posts)
i guess ,you are talking about , shiv sena ,not about pakistan, i was talking about something else, which you indian will never understand, because simply you are cowerd, and use to hit others from back,

i request you also in future never ever comments on my posts, negative or positive , thanks
the biggest terrorist n racist groups are in india .....shiv seena , ball thakre are some of the examples of indian terrorism but they arent highlighted much coz they conspire against muslims
but u knw indian the day is not very far whn the world will see ur true face


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The ****ing indian govt is the biggest terrorist of this univers.The govt of Pakistan is corrupt but not terrorist.Only because of PPP nobody is ready to trust on Pakistan.Indian Govt is providing money to the terrorist in Pakist and aneverybody knows.
I read couple of indian posts and guys you should ashamed of yourselves what kind of nation you are......people are dying here in Pakistan and you are criticizing and doing politics on donations....ok if you think that Pakistan will spend this on terrorism but take the china no one did said anything like that about them....ok...than what you donated them so far nothing i am sure you both guys donated them or any one else anything...the people like you just can spread the hate. Look at yourselves where are you standing ...leave the racism and fact is that indian govt is injecting the terrorism in Pakistan....stop thinking and acting negatively go and save your country and dont worry about Pakistan you guys failed to demolish it in past and you will Inshallah....first look at your home than point to someone else....India is the hub of terrorism and racism...