Aaj Kamran Khan ke saath 7th June 2010


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I feel that as the programme ‘Meray Mutabiq’ is not being shown because Dr Shahid Masood has moved back to ARY, hence I suggest this heading of ‘Aaj Kamran ke saath’ will be very appropriate to discuss the current issues/topics which can not be fitted under other headings.

In todays programme there was absolutely no need to discuss the Baluchistan situation, because as far as Govt is concerned, Baluchistan package is only on Papers, otherwise this draft has no importance.

Just because we had rain over the last 5 days, so the load shedding hours have been reduced. But there is no Kala Bagh Dam, so where are we going to store all this huge amount of water, but the shortage of Electricity will emerge again in July and August. What are we going to do then?
Today for some strange reason, Kamran Khan and Abdul Qayum Siddique, really didn’t blast the Govt on the issue of NRO. I think media is now really scared of Zardari.
On Kashmir Issue, there is no hope at all for a peaceful solution.