Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath 21st June 2010 - Javed Jabbar


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Javed Jabbar in fresh episode of Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath in Geo TV and talk with Kamran Khan.



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Thank you kamran good programme,very nice analysis by Mr.javed Jabbar.Most of the points he discussed ,i have elaborated them in detail in the past but this govt have made the habit of ignoring every advice someone gives.This govt have no self respect,no national interest ,no honesty and no accountability for anyone in the govt but instead only self interest and greed. PM is changing made to measure suits every day and his ministers follow that,is PM came to celebrate his honeymoon or rule the country-look in india ,their ministers and PM are living such a simple life whereas it is in islam to live a simple life but PM and ministers are going around in bullet proof cars which cost at least 3 Rs.crores each.IN india even PM and ministers are going around in indian made cars which cost only 5 to 6 lakh rupees.When these shameless govt will be out what will happen to their protocol and bullet proof cars.In every deptt,govt put their most corrupt person then how the people will get the justice and from who? If this govt dont realize the ground reality of current situation then no one can stop the bloody revolution and people are already looking towards the army- this is the truth.All the big fish and aligators should be hanged and public money be taken back.I want the political revolution,bring in the technocrats for couple of years to smooth the way for political stability and put the country to the right direction in the meantime and army stays at the back.Our politicians still did't learn from the past,so let them wait and get organised in a civilized way ,think in the national interest rather their own.Did PM cut down the size of the ministers,cut down the expenditures of PM and president House? Let the people know about it.
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And Kamran Khan you think the present Government under Zardari and Yousuf Raza Gillani with their team members like Babar Awam and Rehman will lead Pakistan to progress? Impossible.

syed rizvi

Once again a complete waste of time by Kamran Khan. These stupid discussions must be stopped at once. Instead of calling this ‘pithu’ of Gen Musharraf, we all know that this Javed Jabbar has enjoyed top posts with various Govts. Javed Jabbar always supports the Govt in power.

Today, Zardari delivered a very strange speed, which needed to discussed in detail. The Awam once again showed great ignorance by celebrating the BB NRO Waali’s birthday at large scale, and every where we saw big cakes being cut. There was not a singly slogan from the crowd to arrest the killers of Benazir. Javed Jabbar and Mushahid Hussain Syed have one thing in common, and that is they only….talk….talk…..talk….and never deliver anything.

Zardari said openly that now it will be the era of Jamshed Dusti style people. Well done Kamran Khan, you are giving Zardari an easy ride.


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If I am not wrong, Javed Jabar was in PPP and once a minister in Benazir's government. Neverthless, he is a talented person.
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If I am not wrong, Javed Jabar was in PPP and once a minister in Benazir's government. Neverthless, he is a talented person.

what i knew abt Javed Jabar is that
he was not in PPP he was with musharraf early periods & was minister of Information & technology . Neverthless, he is a talented person

(& her daughter is Mehreen jabbar who directed the pakistani film "Ramchand Pakistani"& many telefilms/dramas)
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