A special report on Myanmar Rohingya SkyNews


Pakistan govt. have done nothing which can give any relief to our Muslim brothers of Myanmar. I am so much ashamed today. At least Pakistan Govt. can do is to allow Myanmar Mahajir to enter Pakistan and live peacefully here.

Every Pakistani citizen will open doors for our Muslim brothers and will help them as with what we have. Also Pakistan has some good NGOs which can manage the whole process for them and collecting aid from Pakistan people. What will we say to Allah on day of judgment as an Islamic state and Muslims. Also we Pakistan citizens must force our Govt. and Army to allow Myanmar Rohingya people enter into Pakistan. Also don't blame Bangladesh. First do your self then speak of Bangladesh.

Also bring Turkey iran Saudi Arab and other major Muslim countries to take some big actions against Myanmar like sanctions and also of attacking if Myanmar govt. and people do not stop this violence against Muslims.

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