A Slap to our politicians


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Untill now I thought that Javed chaudhry is telling a true stories
before every show but this has exposed today that he is
just mixing up differnt events in differnt countries and
make a story himself .Let me add correct him and
for the information of all those who doesnt know about this
Westminister is the whole area name ,where whitehall is the place where
house of common is.10 downing is prime minister house and is just on a minute walk
from Whitehall.Gordon Brown does not need any tube to travel
and attend the whitehall or his office.Though there is no such protocol like we see
in pakistan or any third world country.but even then he needs security and always
move under certain protocol.He is not a bank manager or businessman to catch a tube and polish
his shoes on the way to his office.Come on grow up.