A Question About Women & Families and Prophet Protests


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I have closely followed the media coverage of the protests in the last few days. Frankly, some images look to me like not being from streets of Pakistan but from some war torn streets of Palestine or Kashmir with youth hurling stones at Police etc.

I've heard a lot of people, mostly the Maulvis and General Hameed Gul, with the rhetoric on a few talk shows saying that there were families and women with infants present and protesting peacefully. I have seen over 10+ hours of coverage and many images, but I have yet to see any coverage of women or families or even peaceful protesting alone.

Can some one please give me links to those or if the sold-out media didn't cover women & families in some kind of conspiracy then please upload pics and vids from their own mobile phones please?

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Question to everyone on this forum

What if ALLAH PAAK guides the one to Islam and he becomes Muslim, who made this movie? The reason i m asking this question is that those people who r burning properties of innocent people regardless of religion what would they do that time? Because as far as i know if a non muslim becomes muslim all his/her previous sins are forgiven and becomes like newborn baby who is clear of sins... Please share your thoughts but i request plz do not reply with anything wrong if u don't understand this question :jazak:


Re: Question to everyone on this forum

Above images werent shown by the media...this also happened.